How Does Outdoor Echoes Differentiate

Outdoor Echoes network provides the common 11 elements of a podcast network. We take a step above when it comes to working these strategic elements. See how we differentiate from other networks.

Increased Visibility

Our visibility is driven by our network of podcasters and our network
association. The network will be advertising in addition to the individual podcasters. Our goal is tobe known as the outdoor industries most powerful network.


Quarterly there are required cross pollination webinars that are required by ou podcasters. Contractually we are obligated to share and build our shows and networks. Whereas most networks leave this to you and simply make an introduction. Instead we provide the platformand the resources.

Access to Resources

As a member of the podcast you are provided access to free hosting on Megaphone and a $50.00 fee for an enterprise addition to Doing so lowers your overall cost and provides two platforms that are growing rapidly and providing the best solutions for podcasters.

Monetization Opportunities

Because of our niche audiences we can drive significantly better CPM rates and monetize our ad placement. Megaphone allows for syndicate ads so you can simplyadd them to your show and earn more. In addition you can turn off competitors of your current and or future ads that you have contracted outside the network. You are able to run low cost ads across the network that will enable you to grow your show. Lastly, we have a competitive referral business that allows you to earn based upon podcasters you bring to the network.


First and foremost is credibility. We are strict in only adding shows that we feel will bring significant quality and value to the show. Those that will fill their niche and bring a value add to the remainder of the network.

Community and Collaboration

As a community we will grow together. Collaboration opportunities will be led by the network to facilitate learning in other dimensions such as, YouTube, applications, sales techniques, marketing techniques.

Feedback and Support

Feedback and support are key. Nobody likes to be told their baby is ugly! However constructively seeing results from fellow teammates then gaining advice on how to potentially drive that within your business can help drastically. Remember, we are all in this for the common growth of the team.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Many podcasters are small business and resources are limited. The network providestools and techniques to lower your administration. Our goal is to enable you to be more successful in your day to day by freeing resources.

Diversified Audience

We focus on outdoor enthusiasts. With everyone focusing on that group, we know that there are fringe players in almost every micro niche of our category. Organically the audience will value the podcasts in other micro niches.

Opportunities for Growth

With a focus on outdoor enthusiast we will have the ability to grow as awhole. We know that the number one way to grow our podcast is through other podcast listeners. When we look at the network of listeners in the outdoor enthusiast niche we know that they will likely follow and listen to other shows. We then work with them to share with their friends, etc.

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